Coffee falls in…

Coffee falls into the stomach … ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop … the shafts of wit start up like sharp-shooters, similies arise, the paper is covered with ink …
By Honoré de Balzac.

Taken off from work to cuddle up with my honey. To my strike got a glance of me through my previous albums where writing and exploring the aspects of the world and human habits was my passion.

Just got to toes and thought of scribbling something but what exactly? My friends of today were my hot stimulating frothy coffee, soft instrumental music and books. What a perfect trio for the evening. The above quote jus came to me; how true is the situation today.

We all are busy with our own goals, targets, deadlines etc. How many of us still remember what we were passionate about in our those early days when we just wanted to be happy and satisfied in our own way. On the other hand today even after slogging for hours, days , months and years why are we not contented to the destination were we have reached. So today I just decide to sit with my three best buddies long lost ages back.

COFFEE not about the glamour the Cineworld has bought it to, but it really churns up your mood not as an addiction but stimulant to ideas , liveliness and a feeling of what you are! INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC because feelings is not about words but vibrants generated by tuning of those cords and strings which not only soothes you but also touches you gently. Just feels like a sedative to all the wounds and pains gifted by the hasty world. BOOKS just take you to the third world where your role is just a spectator releasing your anxieties and deadlines meetings tensions back.

This blog is not meant for monetising but just an appeal to all my reader folks who are busy heading to meets their never ending goals losing their real ‘ME’; which can satisfy their material needs to an extent but never quench their thirst of an inner self satisfaction.

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