Exemplar Leader: Mrs.Sushma Swaraj

Hello Mrs.Swaraj,

With due respect to you entire protracted career I have been following your actions and updates for some time, I decided to convey my thoughts. As a married young female when I am struggling to strive a near perfect balance between my career and family; it gives me immense pleasure to watch you balance versatile roles like a perfect wife, an active twitterati, a profound orator, sympathetic towards the needy  and a true example of feminine power. When we witness you are highly approachable by the common man through the digital medium ; which is rightly proven at many instances be it passport issues; rescuing the Indians stuck in different countries and much more; it sets an example of noteworthy leader.

Today we as female youth look forward to follow your footsteps Ma’am. You have artistically carved an exponential career graph bestowing commensurate justice to all the roles played till date. We also wish to inculcate equivalent leadership skills in our respective journeys.

Keeping in mind your immensely busy schedule; I wish someday you read this out and share with us some secrets to nurture such expertise to some extent.

My good wishes Ma’am and hope to read your experiences as a book/personal narrative autobiography soon(apologies for that request); since I have learnt that you possess colossal interests into literature and poetry.

Your fan.


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