Seesaw up n down: bipolar relationships

Ok after a very long time I have decided to share my thoughts on a very casual but sensitive observation about the tieups between couples be it married , unmarried. But before I begin I know many of my readers, family, friends and especially critics amongst those before you troll me over my opinions and writings: I thankyou all for reading it though and respect the fact that each one of us can have an opinion and right to express, so do I. 

Now getting back to the topic; recently when some of my committed and newly married friends approached me with their issues in relationships I drew some common observations:

1. Initially when you get into a role of a bf or gf or may be husband and wife it becomes increasingly difficult to understand each others expectations. We think we are the PERFECTIONISTs and the other team member is an extremely difficult defaulter student.

2. Please understand no one can ever SATISFY everyone at the same point of time.

3.SENSE OF CONTROL: much early we try to gain control over each others lives, likes, dislikes, habits etc.

4. PRIORITY: I do agree priorities change and should change when you come to a long term commitment but it should happen by choice and not by compulsion.

5. CARE: I have seen sometimes wives get into the role of a nannies and husbands getting into the role of bodyguards whereas at places there is complete ignorance or negligence.

6. PHASES OF RELATIONSHIPS: Many people at times, including myself complain you are not the person I fell for or you have changed. But isnt it the rule of nature we have seen the phases of moon, phases of life. We are more caring towards a very young and little baby but as it grows up; it turns up to be more mature, independent being. Similarly a very loving and caring wife or husband in initial days turns to be vamp latter why….but please understand its not that his or her love is dried up rather its become quite mature.

There is so much to add to this but I feel we all have faced these issues and complications in relationships including myself….please don’t misunderstand me in the guise of relationship counselor. We all have enjoyed this seesaw of relationship where it sways between ups n downs of life. There are times we draw weird conclusions like he/she is not my Mr.or Mrs Right, I quit, at the worse times there are cases where such phases trolls ones life. But as my mom used to always tell me that every relationship needs it own time, its the time spent with each other through these ups n downs then we do earn a sweet, ripe and juicy relationship. Hence being patient towards each others needs and Respect each others feelings is what I feel can sustain these early and young relationships. Please let me know your experiences and thoughts with respect to my observations.

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