Mumbai: soul of every mumbaikar

You come here to make your career and end up making your LIFE 🙂

Been born n brought up in Mumbai there are so many colors of this dynamic city only a core Mumbaikar can relate to. We all have heard that this city does not sleep….or this city is happily insomniac. Today when I have moved out of my city ; I really miss its food culture, humanity, pace, versatile and unpredictable seasons, transport, way of living and the most beautiful beachline. I believe only a person who has lived MUMBAI can live in Mumbai.

Let me share some of the hues of these Mumbaiyya shades:

1. Local trains: The oxygen of all the mumbaikars unbaised. Where you come from or whatever you do or whatever you wear do not expect a differential treatment. 

2. Wadapav: The local mumbaiyya Burger has given a tough to macdonalds, kfc or any star meal. The dearest of my life….a true mumbaikar is the one who gets really emotional having this delicious appetizer. Irrespective of your class, creed, religion or age group I have never ever seen a mumbaikar resisting this cheap yet yummy meal.(Add a cutting chai to it)

3. Streetshopping: From clothing to households,from books to crooks ; you name it and you shall find it at very reasonable deal. Colaba, Bandra, Churchgate, CST, Grantroad, Marinelines, Dadar are some of the places to loiter around for clothes, cosmetics, edibles, electronics, footwears, books.

4. Streetfood: Every lane in Mumbai has its own speciality or should I say genres. Right from the Mohmmad Ali road famous for its non vegeterian mughlai dishes; offers you an irresistible feast during the Ramzan days to Panshikars famous for its maharashtrian food menu, the numerous Khau gallis at Ghatkopar, Charni Road, Fort etc.

5. Festivals: I would not be wrong if I say Ganeshostav is the national festival of Mumbai( Coz i think Mumbai is a nation in itself). Its always so grand, larger than life portrayed during those 10 days. Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Bandra fair, Ramzan, Navratri each n every festival is celebrated with immense vibrancy n excitement. 

6. Monsoons: This is one of the most vital season of my home town. Mumbai undergoes revitalization in these monsoons. I remember not even a single monsoon has passed by where I have not witnessed a sudden holiday due to those unpredictable weather conditions. People say Mumbai halts in monsoon, Mumbai is drowned in the showers but I feel its exactly opposite Mumbai never stops or drowns its a phase of regeneration to boost its spirits for the next entire year. Once in your life do enjoy a monsoon evening at marine drive, nariman point experience those showers splashing through rocks at the shore line and i guarantee you the nourishment added to your parched life.

7.Beaches: Close to my heart are these beaches. So many good and bad memories of my life are related to these sea boards. Mumbai is gifted with these rich culture of beaches from Churchgate to Virar n further down to coastal region of Maharashtra. The coastal region is rich by the Portuguese and East Indian cultures from ages. (With lip smacking sea food) This again offers livelihood to all the outsiders n insiders of Mumbai.

8. Universities: People fly down to Mumbai with different goals in life with an aim to earn, study, treat. But Mumbai is so well reputed for its universities and colleges that you passout from Mumbai; and this would add an extra feather to your hat.But i feel Mumbai in itself is a very rich university who teaches its visitor way of learning, adapting, keeping up the pace, earning and most importantly ‘Respecting each ones space’.

Today when I compare my city to the others I feel there is no one who can even near Mumbai in any of the aspects. There are so many other shades of Mumbai which I can relate to but these are some of the closer ones to my heart. I am so proud of being born here, studied here, grew here also been finding the love of my life here. Mumbai where ever I go whatever I do; I would always be your daughter and you would be my mother Mumbai( Mum- has the word mum into it).

So friends let me know some of your acquaintances with my Mumbai.

Amchi Mumbai Jivachi Mumbai

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  1. sorry fr asking Q in other context
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    cn u send details regarding charges


  2. As a Mumbaiker, your content brought a huge smile on my face. And I must say, the photography on your page is just stunning. A true sense of Mumbai through these vibrant pics! 🙂


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