Lets go shopping PUNE

Valentine day is round the corner, one of the favourite pass time or workout for us ladies is Shopping. Its not necessary we always buy stuff , just surfing through the market has it own charm. Inspite of the fancy online deals and ecommerce sprees , street shopping has its own importance and craze. 

Now, I shifted to Pune about two years back. Pune has its own rich culture and heritage. One of the smart cities among the Indian silicon valley, well known for its educational institutes and universities and proud about the birth of THE GREAT CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ in this very city of Brave countrymen. Also Pune is world famous for its ‘Puneri Patya’ (writings or notice for public information with sarcastic tone)and ‘Traditional Peth’ which belonged to the domicile Brahmans.

Now coming to the shopping mode, Pune also has this crazy shopping lanes which call street shopping specialized for traditional, branded, Indo western, western all versatile shopping trends then you could go made over the budget and diverse footwear range, handicraft, furniture, antiques, metals and what not.

So let me share with you some of the hot destinations in Pune (beware of pickpocketers through the crowd specially on weekends):

  1. Laxmi Road: Ranging from Alka Talkies to the Cantonment area. Beware this area of Old Pune is quiet confusing with the interconnected narrow lanes of Sadashiv peth, Ravivar peth, Mangalvar peth n much more. Surrounded by Shanivaar wada and world famous shrine of ‘Shreemant Dagdusheth Ganapati’. Laxmi road is famous for its traditional apparels, traditional footwear, traditional decor handicraft items, branded jewellers and also ‘Puneri Bana’ (puneri attitude, so do not carry yours…just kidding). 
  2. Tulsibaug: All you can find here traditional and beautiful copper, brass and bronze articles. You would also find a range of female products from apparels, imitation jewellery, daily care products, household items and much more.
  3. Bajirao Road: This lane would cater your needs of all the wood work or furniture. It stretches from Shanivaar Wada to the Puram Road. For those who like to design their own furniture, do so and get one of these shops here to execute for you. 
  4. Juna Bazaar(Mangalwar Peth): Here the name itself indicates ‘Old Market of Pune’. From hardware tools to fancy yet delicate pieces of jewellery; from clothes to shoes and cosmetics, get them here. If you are into collecting old coins, this might just be the right place for you to go shopping and enhance that collection.This market is operational every Wednesday and Sunday on the road leading to Vir Santaji Ghorpade Path.
  5. Phule Market(Shukrawar Peth):an open air market comprising of more than 500 stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetable produce? With so much competition, prices are low and customers have a great variety to choose from here. This market has been in existence since the British era in India and locals maximize on the opportunity and stock up their kitchens with the produce on sale here. Exciting sight of colourful fruits and fresh vegetables all around you. This happens to be a chef’s heaven and a homemakers delight. 
  6. Hongkong Lane: Near Garware Bridge in Pune, one will find the famous and ever crowded.Going by the name itself, one can guess what lies in store here. The place is lined with little shops and stores that sell items that have been imported from the South Asian countries bordering India.
  7. Fashion Street:No fashion trend is left out with these stalls catering to all your needs – be it the grunge or gothic look, that 70’s madness or even the latest trends that have taken the fashion world by storm. From belt bottoms to drain pipe jeans, low waist to tank tops, hats and caps to shades and belts, this market has it all. This place will literally bring out the fashionista in you.
  8. FC Road or GOKHALE road: Amidst the young crowd of law colleges, institutes is this shopping street offering budget as well as designets options of apparels, footwear, foodjpints etc. Branded clothing options would be Biba, FabIndia, Van heusen etc. Tired with all the shopping you have delicious food joints such as Vaishali, venkys, Wadeshwar, Starbucks, GoodLuck Cafe etc.

Huffff! I am finally tired loitering around so many places. If you are a shopping freak like me, do get your bf, husband alongwith you to carry your shopping bags…..just kidding. So whats your plan for the weekend? This can be your stress buster and a multipurpose workout. Punekars please add to this list some amazing places you have explored. Till then bye….am off to my shopping spree this weekend….(God bless my husband….lol)

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    1. Pune is unique in its straight forwardness ..no hiding behind the bush ….no unnecessary formalities …come quick to point ..Pune has been a town for retirees from forces …thats exactly the reason of being what they are ..no procrastination


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