My home is my heaven…

She was busy making arrangements for the house warming ceremony. After staying for around five years in a rented house, they managed to buy a 1bhk in the suburbs of Mumbai. He was busy attending the guests but also peeked in every now and then just to watch the satisfaction and immense happiness on her face. She wore a red saree with golden border, a long golden mangalsutra, red bangles and sindoor( red vermilion applied by married Indian women)  but more than this her personality today had a different aura. The sparkle in her eyes, contentment on her face had so much more to say.

They both began the ‘Griha Pravesh’ rituals. During the rituals they went through the trailing flashbacks of their married life before they could enter their own apartment. So many ascending mishaps they went through unemployment, theft in their newly entered house, loss in business, death of an elderly and close family member, hospitalisation, accident and increase in debts. These memories gave her a feeling of suffocation and bought tears in her eyes. He held her hand and bought her into the present and whispered ,”Don’t worry . Everything has passed away. We are going to enter our dream and I need you here with me and by me.” She smiled assertively and held his hand for the Griha Pravesh and they put forth their feet into their HOME. Everyone cheered the couple on their new phase of life.

Meals were served, gifts were exchanged and it was time to say Good bye to their friends. They both were also tired…she said, “Dear I just need one warm hug to wind up my day.”

He pulled her and embraced her to just make her feel HOME. On to the bed they lay he asked her ,”What do you want from me today?” She said in a husky tone, “Nothing I am already in my heaven. Now I just need peace.”

She cuddled into his arms and fell asleep. Next morning he got up and watched her sleep as innocent as a child. He thought after a tiring day she should be granted some more relaxation time…so he walked into the kitchen and got her a cup of tea. He moved close to her and whispered, “Darling your bed tea is here…get up before I enter your bed.” She was fast asleep he then moved close to her and started playing his pranks. But there was awful and horrifying feeling when touched her body which was as cold as ice. No sensations, no pulse ticks…he was left clueless, he began calling her names, shaking her to bring her back and suddenly he realized her last words before leaving and tears rolled down his eyes: 

This house is my heaven and now I just need peace…..


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      1. Welcome and that’s heartening for me to hear that my writing has inspired someone.
        And even though I write fiction a lot, it doesn’t feel to me like I am writing fiction cause somewhere I feel everything the character feels.
        And a secret is some of the writings aren’t fiction 😁

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