Divine beauty blooms

Hello friends! This morning an extremely divine and elegant beauty has bloomed in the mini garden of our breezy and lively balcony.Now let me give you justifications for chaining multiple adjectives here:

1. My balcony is super breezy all the time surrounded by ample of open space  and a long streching express highway, which keeps it very lively and gives an optimistic start to my day.

2.This particular alluring Royal Red Hibiscus in my crazy botanical family is so fresh and flourishing crazily with so many buds ready to abloom, so many fresh and exquisite flowers to add on.

To tell you in short, I love my plants just to be my kids. I love talking to them, playing with them, admiring them, spraying splashes of water on them, nurturing them not because they feel good, its because I am revitalised by watching them grow so green and fresh.


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