The House Next Door: Excellent Horror Suspense Thriller movie

No! Don’t raise your brows, I am not going start Movie Review section. But I am just excited by this good horror movie I saw last night, which actually meant HORROR after a long time. It’s basically a story about a Neurosurgeon Krish and a possessed girl Jenny D’costa in the neighbourhood. The movie begins with steaming hot chemistry and lovemaking scenes between Krish and his wife Lakshmi. They seem to live a blissful life which is disturbed when D’costas move in.

The actual genre starts moving when the D’costas have a housewarming party, where Jenny jumps into the well followed by Krish who jumps in to save her. Thereon Jenny starts behaving weirdly with her possessions like jumping off the cliff and so on. Further, both the families are entangled between the series of scary and knee-jerking incidents happening around. Finally a psychiatrist, a local pastor, a tantrik, and neurosurgeon gang to help the troubled child.

The sound effects, the visuals give a sudden shiver due to satanic originated fear pulling the hell out of us. The best role goes to Anisha Victor(Jenny), who makes you cringe when she is possessed by the evil spirit but also grabs your sympathy after returning to sanity.  Till date Horror in Bollywood was not much explored and experimented to an extent. But Milind Rau prefers to make you shudder in your seat with deft camera movements, some very scary close-up sequences and, of course, special effects which, again, Rau has used efficiently. The movie has a touch of ‘Exorcism of Emily Rose’ and ‘Insidious’, but the director has very well knit together paranormal elements and shocking scenes into an interesting plot.

I believe a HORROR movie is a HORROR one when it gives you that burst of adrenaline rush or may churn your stomach.This movie keeps you on the edge of your seats, with great VFX, coupled with some splendid performances by the entire star cast and not to mention, breathtakingly beautiful locales of the Himalayan valley.

But finally, the show stealer was Anisha Victor(Jenny) for her brilliant performance. If she didn’t play it well the entire movie would have been ruined. On a closing note, it is surely a shiver giver movie into my fav segment. That’s the reason I decided to share my experience with my readers towards this excellent movie after a long long time which is anytime better than Conjuring2, Lightsout and Anabelle 2.

I personally would rate it 4/5.


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