Planning on moving out……your views?

Hey friends!,

Glad to come back to my second home here on WordPress. How are you guys?

Its been a long time, I have posted anything. All the while, I have been planning on moving out….please do let me know your views? I have plans on moving to an official personal website for blogging purposes.


What you guys think? Any suggestions on some quirky domain names, taglines, platforms, plans etc.


Little broken things….

She walked along the corridor with the help of a limping stick. The pain across her recovering wound reflected on her distressed face. Waiting for her turn at the OPD she recalled through the series of incidents boggling through her mind. How come Akshay waited home skipping the office party? Why did he suddenly turn into a caring partner? Or was our decision of separation, giving him second thoughts? Was he afraid of the social allegations? Or has he really….? Everything was so weird and uncertain.

The receptionist called out her name to visit the doc. She adjusted the stick and limped towards the consulting area. They exchanged warm smiles and the doctor began checking the condition of her plastered leg along with the recent medical examinations reports. After various interrogations, the doctor suddenly asked her,” You have come all alone, where is your husband?” Reva was puzzled and uncomfortable with the question. With reluctance, she cleared her throat to answer,” Actually…he…mmm” Just then there was a knock on the door which interrupted their conversation. “May I come in doctor” spoke the person at the door. The doctor replied positively and Reva turned back to notice Akshay. But he was about to go for a movie with his friends. What made him change his mind?

Akshay greeted them and enquired about Reva’s well being. The doctor informed them about some complications in Reva’s reports which needs to reconfirmed with further detailed tests. Reva was fumbled by the doctor words. What had the destiny planned in for her? Akshay remained calm and asserted in taking up the tests. He supported Reva wrapping his strong yet warm arms around her waist. She was taken aback by Akshay’s  gesture. It recalled of their early dating days. So much has changed since then. Reva leaned against the wall and questioned him,” Why are you here? Why this sudden change in attitude? What do you need from me?” He walked supporting her quietly, comforted her into the car and replied back looking into her eyes,” I believe when things are on the verge on breaking down we repair or work on it rather than just discarding them.”


Selfless Stranger #8

Winters approaching we people in India are so fascinated by the outdoor trips, warm clothes, tender sunlight everything seems romantic. The chilled morning breeze sent a shiver through Naina’s body. Even after wearing her warm red and black closely knitted winter jacket she appeared to be shivering. But in spite of the weather, she seemed to be full of energy with her team at the office trip at Goa. Team bonding activities kept everyone busy. It was a beach theme game where each team had to randomly collect the items listed on their to-do list. The team which finishes its task first would be the winner. There was a table placed beside the shack for the members to have their breakfast on the run. Some of the members were still carrying their previous night hangover.

Naina was busy running all over to gather the items mentioned so that her team could win. Amit stood away and observed Naina and her cheer for the team. He went into the flashbacks of the time they spent together. Naina and her full of life attitude, her special care for Amit, her past, her fighting spirit everything seemed so perfect. He always dreamt of a partner with such qualities. His friends teased him for dreaming about Naina. He had decided to admit his love for Naina in a special way.

In the evening, all the friends had planned to opt for shopping, since the next morning they were about to leave for Mumbai. Amit approached Naina for a short beach walk. She readily agreed. Walking along the beachfront Naina insisted to walk through the waters. She removed her footwear and proceeded with Amit. He spoke,” Naina, from the time of I, have known you, I am amazed by your fighting spirit, generosity, and modesty. As the days have passed by, I have closely witnessed each petal of your personality bloom to its utmost beauty. Do not get me wrong if I ask you something.” Naina looked nervous, she looked away from him towards the sunset. But Amit continued, ” Look I am not sure if I would be the right person to accompany you, but I am pretty sure you could always rely on me, rather trust me. I might not be able to meet all your expectations towards life but what I have learnt from you I return it to you. I have learnt that you love and enjoy every bit of your life, your personality, freedom and so do I. Would it be possible for you to give life a second chance towards commitment? I really love you….but my words fall short here since I am not a poet or writer to glue my feeling together into a souvenir of love. You can, of course, take your time and am absolutely ok with whatever your answer would be.” Naina turned towards Amit looked into his eyes with happiness but also with a number of interrogations. Amit handed her a box beautifully wrapped in red satin ribbons. She opens it in front of Amit without uttering a word.

On opening the box, tears roll down her eyes. She couldn’t believe her wish come true. Staring at the box, she moves further and hugs Amit to thank him for his gesture which no one could have ever thought of…..


Any guesses what was in the box???

With that question, I end the series of “Selfless Stranger”….Your feedbacks are always welcome.

Selfless stranger#7

Gathering all the courage Amit made an attempt to ask Naina’s father about her condition. He looked at Amit and thought for a while. After a long silence, he asked Amit if he would be interested to walk through their garden. Amit readily agreed, Naina was busy serving breakfast but her father asked her to continue as they would have breakfast after a while. She looked at Amit and smiled. Her eyes looked through Amit, as if they were trying to communicate with his eyes. But the unknown pain in Naina’s eyes disturbed Amit. He walked out towards the garden with her father. 

Walking for a while Naina’s father spoke,”Naina is a very optimistic, fun loving and caring person. I say this not only because she is my daughter but have also seen her carrying a role of supportive and understanding wife.” Amit was shaken with his words, he couldn’t believe his ears “WIFE” ! These words made him uneasy. Her father spoke further,”Naina was married to Rakshit, her childhood friend two years ago. They made a perfect couple, so much that we could never imagine either of them without the other one. They were so happy and inseparable that everyone who knew them would envy of them. But one fine day, Naina went missing, we tried reaching out Rakshit but couldn’t contact him. No one had a single clue about the duo. Suddenly, I received a call from the police station to identify some of the belongings they found. We all were terrified. On reaching the hospital we acknowledged the ring and earring Naina wore. It was Naina in a very bad condition unable to recognize we all were shattered looking at her wounds, her darkened blue black scars. We just collapsed and then the police inspector told us that they found her on the JV road causeway. Some passerby reported of a body in a bad condition. She was bought unconscious and was in coma. Since she was stabbed,beaten up and brutally raped. Also she was run over by a car due to which her legs had to be amputated. We are waiting for her to come back to senses so that we could record her statement and arrest the culprit.” Her father almost collapsed while narrating the horror story. Amit too lost the strength to stand. Since morning his life was giving him a rollercoaster ride. He was feeling numb. Controlling his emotions her father spoke,” Naina was out of coma after around 15 days. She was barely able to move or even utter a word. But my daughter, never cried in front of me. We managed to ask her about the happenings and she broke down. She told us about the domestic violence happening through the past days. But she never let us know anything. It was Rakshit and his psychopath mentality which destroyed my daughter’s life. He always illtreated Naina at home but not publically. Naina was in love with him madly. She thought of it at his way of loving and possesiveness. But it was not true, he just had physical lust for my daughter. That rascal turned into a demon when he forced my daughter to have sex with all his friends. As Naina denied, she was beaten up, raped by those scoundrels and run over by a car so that she couldn’t approach anyone and left to die at the corner of a random street.” All this was extremely horifying, Naina’s father was is in deep anguish. Amit just couldn’t understand the way he should react or even console her father. There was distress in garden. Suddenly Amit could feel as though the garden rotated around and would soon form a tornado to engulf the world.

Coming back to senses her father whispered,” My daughter has great fighting spirit and is a lively human being. She recovered after about 6 months, continued with her passion for dancing and her job. It was very difficult for her to resume or even choose  a job. But she decided to move on with her life without looking behind.”

Amit placed his hand on her father’s shoulder. They just looked at each other….

Selfless stranger #6

Amit recognised Naina’s father, the same old man he helped by donating blood for his young son suffering from an accident. Also he was stunned to discover this girl was the same Naina he helped by returning her cellphone. Naina’s father also made Naina aware of the fact that Amit was the same young lad who went out of the way to help her family. The atmosphere turned extremely emotional and full of gratitude. Her eyes depicted the mixture of compassion and emotion ready to cross the smudged boundaries of her innocent eyes. She just sat down wrapping her face with her palms. “This world is so small Dad”, Naina spoke. 

With heavy throat she turned towards Amit and folded her hands to thank him. He was in very akward position to accept apologies and thankyou from Naina. After unwrapping the puzzle happening around the past few days, Naina asked Amit to relax and went out to her room in order to freshen up. Till then Amit walked towards the washroom to freshen up. A fresh aroma of boiling ginger tea and spicy tempered poha filled the house. Her dad was busy preparing the breakfast. Amit wondered and was excited to feel at home here at Naina’s place. He walked towards the kitchen and offered help. But her dad happily denied and asked him to relax at the dining area. Amit walked towards the dining area and glanced through the froyer occupied by trophies, different photographs of Naina in various dance forms. The airy and brightly lit living area danced and boasted about Naina and her versatility with expertisein dance. He was feeling like floating around in a hydrogen balloon. The mild instrumental music playing in the background wiped off the stress layer built up. 

Thud….thud there was a loud breakdown sound. As though someone or something fell from a height. Amit and Naina’s father ran towards Naina’s bedroom. They pushed open the door to find Naina collapsed on the floor with two prosthetic legs fallen aside. Amit was thunderstruck by this scene. He couldn’t believe his eyes, his body went numb. But quickly coming back to his senses they held her and placed her on the wheel chair. Amit was still in immense shock, it felt like he had lost strength and capability to walk.

Naina smiled back and said,” C’mon dad you don’t have to be upset I was rehearsing my dance steps… simply get scared.”

Happy Teachers day

It was my daughter’s open house at her primary school. She kept on pestering me to meet her class friends listen to their stories, their mischiefs. My daughter studied in the same school I had passed out from, reason being I always wanted my daughter to be moulded by those hands which shaped my present. But on her open house I was surprised to see all new faces among the academic staff. After all it had been around fifteen years since I passed out, I was a bit dissapointed about this restructure hence was hesitant or passive to meet any of her teachers much. After collecting her progress report we started heading back home. But my daughter as usual started emphasizing on meeting her Dimple mam, i tried to tell her that we would meet her next time. Actually I was quite disturbed seeing those high tech teachers and their mechanical way of dealing with kids, I am not saying there were bad but just that they lacked the warmth in their teachings. But my daughter was very adamant on meeting her Dimple mam, reluctantly I agreed and headed towards one of the classrooms. We knocked the door and stepped in, my 6 year old ran towards this lady and tugged her. Then I noticed her teacher was an old lady may be in her late 50s, hair all grey, somewhat weak in her posture, silver lined spectacles and red bordered goldenish cotton saree. I walked towards her, in order to greet her. On moving close to her teacher, I realised she was my childhood and most favorite Rajni mam. She was all favourite for her warm nature, caring and ever smiling gesture. She was our Maths teacher, who not only taught us maths but also narrated value add stories in her own unique and soft voice. We loved her because she was the one who not only made Maths our favourite subject, but also aporoached with problems physical, mental, emotional we always had to tell her and she helped us out of it. Looking at her I was so happy, nostalgic and just couldn’t control tears rolling down my eyes. She looked puzzled at me, I told her mam this my daughter Niksha and I am your ex student Nihara. She also held my hand and tears rolled down her eyes. She patted my head and enquired about my well being, my family. We both just could believe to meet each other. She then told me,”Your daughter is just a replica of your childhood. The way you plucked flowers on the way to school and forced me to tuck it into my hair. This little one plucks flowers, gets scolded by the gardener and gets thoses roses for me.” I turned towards my daughter and told her,” Darling, her name is Rajni mam not Dimple mam”. She looked back at her mam and stood in the cameraman pose and spoke aloud,”Smile please.” Rajni mam and myself smiled at her and she pointed out at her mam and said,”Look at those dimples Mama. Thats the reason I call her Dimple mam.”

We laughed at her silly but witty remark. She then handed over a small red rose to her Dimple mam and asked her to tuck it into her hair. I was so touched by all this and hence wished her Happy teachers day even when it was not one, I don’t know why I did so but I did what I felt. 

Thankyou teachers and all my gurus who have poured every bit of your divine souls in shaping our futures n present.

Happy Teachers Day…..

God bless your parents

It was raining heavily on a busy weekday evening. Felt like the clouds were about to burst and engulf the entire city. People were in a hurry and worried about reaching back home to escape the after effects of this havoc created by the nature. I also stood at the edge of a bus stop waiting for my bus to travel to Pune. Completely drenched I was grumbling about my state standing there all alone complaining about how my husband is irresponsible and might be enjoying in his cosy office cabin. Just then I noticed this old lovy dovy couple in their 70s waiting at my bus stop. Meanwhile the bus arrived, I was about to board the bus but I noticed that the couple had only one umbrella and the old lady had to enquire something at the travel agent’s desk, she was trying to help her husband board the bus and walked back to the travel agent shop balancing on the narrow creaky wooden plank connecting the road to the shop. She was not able to hold the umbrella due to her shaky hands, but strived to strike a perfect balance they looked so happy with each other. I saw her getting wet due to the windy atmosphere without giving a second thought I got up, went out to her held the umbrella for her, got her back to her seat, I loaded their bags on the upper carriage and made them feel comfortable. Asked them if they needed anything else and was about to get back to my seat, but she held my hand and pulled me towards her, patted on my head and said,” May your parents live a long n healthy life”. Her words touched my heart such small selfless gesture of mine added to my parents life…what wonderful blessings.

An overwhelming surprise

Hello friends! Apologies for being away for quite a long. While I was hesitant enough to put up a blog post you my dear ones gave me a reason to express a genuine thankyou for this wonderful surprise when I opened up the wordpress dashboard after some couple of months. 200 likes and 84 followers….WOW thats an overwhelming response to my blogs where I had begun clueless about my niche genre you upvoted my cracky words and thoughts.

Once again thankyou so much for helping me gather strength to speak my heart and brain out. Please stay tuned in….


Its like almost yesterday I decided to write and never ever expected that I would have a single like , comment and moreover a follower, but this platform gifted  me with new friends, followers and mentors. ’50 followers’ it feels really great and this word is really a casual  word ‘Thankyou’ but I really mean it. Please join my writing journey and provide your valuable feedback on them.

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