Happy Teachers day

It was my daughter’s open house at her primary school. She kept on pestering me to meet her class friends listen to their stories, their mischiefs. My daughter studied in the same school I had passed out from, reason being I always wanted my daughter to be moulded by those hands which shaped my present. But on her open house I was surprised to see all new faces among the academic staff. After all it had been around fifteen years since I passed out, I was a bit dissapointed about this restructure hence was hesitant or passive to meet any of her teachers much. After collecting her progress report we started heading back home. But my daughter as usual started emphasizing on meeting her Dimple mam, i tried to tell her that we would meet her next time. Actually I was quite disturbed seeing those high tech teachers and their mechanical way of dealing with kids, I am not saying there were bad but just that they lacked the warmth in their teachings. But my daughter was very adamant on meeting her Dimple mam, reluctantly I agreed and headed towards one of the classrooms. We knocked the door and stepped in, my 6 year old ran towards this lady and tugged her. Then I noticed her teacher was an old lady may be in her late 50s, hair all grey, somewhat weak in her posture, silver lined spectacles and red bordered goldenish cotton saree. I walked towards her, in order to greet her. On moving close to her teacher, I realised she was my childhood and most favorite Rajni mam. She was all favourite for her warm nature, caring and ever smiling gesture. She was our Maths teacher, who not only taught us maths but also narrated value add stories in her own unique and soft voice. We loved her because she was the one who not only made Maths our favourite subject, but also aporoached with problems physical, mental, emotional we always had to tell her and she helped us out of it. Looking at her I was so happy, nostalgic and just couldn’t control tears rolling down my eyes. She looked puzzled at me, I told her mam this my daughter Niksha and I am your ex student Nihara. She also held my hand and tears rolled down her eyes. She patted my head and enquired about my well being, my family. We both just could believe to meet each other. She then told me,”Your daughter is just a replica of your childhood. The way you plucked flowers on the way to school and forced me to tuck it into my hair. This little one plucks flowers, gets scolded by the gardener and gets thoses roses for me.” I turned towards my daughter and told her,” Darling, her name is Rajni mam not Dimple mam”. She looked back at her mam and stood in the cameraman pose and spoke aloud,”Smile please.” Rajni mam and myself smiled at her and she pointed out at her mam and said,”Look at those dimples Mama. Thats the reason I call her Dimple mam.”

We laughed at her silly but witty remark. She then handed over a small red rose to her Dimple mam and asked her to tuck it into her hair. I was so touched by all this and hence wished her Happy teachers day even when it was not one, I don’t know why I did so but I did what I felt. 

Thankyou teachers and all my gurus who have poured every bit of your divine souls in shaping our futures n present.

Happy Teachers Day…..


God bless your parents

It was raining heavily on a busy weekday evening. Felt like the clouds were about to burst and engulf the entire city. People were in a hurry and worried about reaching back home to escape the after effects of this havoc created by the nature. I also stood at the edge of a bus stop waiting for my bus to travel to Pune. Completely drenched I was grumbling about my state standing there all alone complaining about how my husband is irresponsible and might be enjoying in his cosy office cabin. Just then I noticed this old lovy dovy couple in their 70s waiting at my bus stop. Meanwhile the bus arrived, I was about to board the bus but I noticed that the couple had only one umbrella and the old lady had to enquire something at the travel agent’s desk, she was trying to help her husband board the bus and walked back to the travel agent shop balancing on the narrow creaky wooden plank connecting the road to the shop. She was not able to hold the umbrella due to her shaky hands, but strived to strike a perfect balance they looked so happy with each other. I saw her getting wet due to the windy atmosphere without giving a second thought I got up, went out to her held the umbrella for her, got her back to her seat, I loaded their bags on the upper carriage and made them feel comfortable. Asked them if they needed anything else and was about to get back to my seat, but she held my hand and pulled me towards her, patted on my head and said,” May your parents live a long n healthy life”. Her words touched my heart such small selfless gesture of mine added to my parents life…what wonderful blessings.

An overwhelming surprise

Hello friends! Apologies for being away for quite a long. While I was hesitant enough to put up a blog post you my dear ones gave me a reason to express a genuine thankyou for this wonderful surprise when I opened up the wordpress dashboard after some couple of months. 200 likes and 84 followers….WOW thats an overwhelming response to my blogs where I had begun clueless about my niche genre you upvoted my cracky words and thoughts.

Once again thankyou so much for helping me gather strength to speak my heart and brain out. Please stay tuned in….


Its like almost yesterday I decided to write and never ever expected that I would have a single like , comment and moreover a follower, but this platform gifted  me with new friends, followers and mentors. ’50 followers’ it feels really great and this word is really a casual  word ‘Thankyou’ but I really mean it. Please join my writing journey and provide your valuable feedback on them.

A long lasting wait….

They began their happily married life without a pinch of happiness. Then began a trail of tragic episodes breaking every single bit of the foundation being laid towards a new phase of life. The awful incidents left a permanant imprint on their lives. He chose to prioritize his life, his choices, his career, his social life and routine; on the other hand she played a vital role in gathering and building a sucessful and happy married life solely. She awaited for his contribution, his acknowledgement, his active presence but he was no where. She believed that someday or some moment he might realize her existence with him. Years passed by but her wait was immortal. Festivals, social functions, household decisions, financial planning he was never interested in any bit of sharing his life with her. She tried all sort of ways to gain his love, attention, care be it by cooking his favourite meals, dressing up the way he liked, showered him with gifts, initiating a healthy discussions but all her efforts were in vain. He always chose his life, his family, his friends, his career she made attempts contributing towards his interests  but everything was unrecognised. Years passed by her loneliness took a toll over  health…she grew isolated. She lived as if it was only because she was a coward unable to put a fullstop to the ignorant existence she nurtured for years. One fine day she decided to order his favourite meal and his favourite beer for dinner…he left for office; meanwhile she decorated the house with candles and roses ; then got ready the way he likes in a dark wine colour chiffon saree and the same perfume he was mesmerized with ages ago. When he returned he found the parcel lying at the doorstep, he was happy with the food and the ambience recreated. He walked into their bedroom and their she waited for him in the dim moonlight on cozy recliner in the balcony…he was stunned with her beauty but returned to his senses when her cellphone rang. It was from the cake shop about the change in delivery time. He answered the call and passed on the message to her…but she didnt reply…he thought she must have been asleep so he decided to wake her up and tapped on her shoulder. Suddenly her head tossed on the other side and he was shocked with the way she reacted but there was no response from her end. He decided to call the doctor and picked up his cellphone which said one unread message; he reluctantly read it ,” Come soon…waiting for you.”

Serious visit or Visit Seriously?

Once a ten year old child accompanied his mom to visit one of her relatives, which he had never met before, at a five star hospital. The hospital lobby witnessed a weird aura of negativity filled with the smell of medicines, medicated phenol, sorrows and anxieties and posters of smiling faces advertising different medical treatments and products. Many known faces of different relatives some long lost aunts, uncles and fast cousins greeted him. After waiting for an hour or so this little one questioned his mom, busy with the other ladies, “Mom why are they are here or rather why are we here?”  His mom smiled and replied,” We are here to meet my uncle, he is serious.” He thought for a while, looked around with his innocent little eyes and tried to analyze the reactions and gestures of his so called relatives. Some were discussing the saas-bahu relations(MIL and DIL issues) , some were discussing property and real estate matters, some were discussing about the business options and exhibiting their products and services, some were recollecting their childhood memories while a few of them were busy with the handheld idiot boxes, i.e. their over smartphones.

There he stood with folded arms and said,”Mom, I feel everyone here is present with a fear of tommorow or may be to protect their public and not so social image. So that tommorow if they are hospitalised or they pass away they  should have minimum shoulders to carry their bodies to the final destination. There should be someone to cry behind. Most biggest fears, what would others think of their absence. Some are here for formalities, some are here for a reconnect or to just showcase their household businesses and some are here because they share a common last name.”

Everyone looked at the little boy with utter surprise and turned their faces with may be shame or guilt.

What do you think?

Divine beauty blooms

Hello friends! This morning an extremely divine and elegant beauty has bloomed in the mini garden of our breezy and lively balcony.Now let me give you justifications for chaining multiple adjectives here:

1. My balcony is super breezy all the time surrounded by ample of open space  and a long streching express highway, which keeps it very lively and gives an optimistic start to my day.

2.This particular alluring Royal Red Hibiscus in my crazy botanical family is so fresh and flourishing crazily with so many buds ready to abloom, so many fresh and exquisite flowers to add on.

To tell you in short, I love my plants just to be my kids. I love talking to them, playing with them, admiring them, spraying splashes of water on them, nurturing them not because they feel good, its because I am revitalised by watching them grow so green and fresh.

Seesaw up n down: bipolar relationships

Ok after a very long time I have decided to share my thoughts on a very casual but sensitive observation about the tieups between couples be it married , unmarried. But before I begin I know many of my readers, family, friends and especially critics amongst those before you troll me over my opinions and writings: I thankyou all for reading it though and respect the fact that each one of us can have an opinion and right to express, so do I. 

Now getting back to the topic; recently when some of my committed and newly married friends approached me with their issues in relationships I drew some common observations:

1. Initially when you get into a role of a bf or gf or may be husband and wife it becomes increasingly difficult to understand each others expectations. We think we are the PERFECTIONISTs and the other team member is an extremely difficult defaulter student.

2. Please understand no one can ever SATISFY everyone at the same point of time.

3.SENSE OF CONTROL: much early we try to gain control over each others lives, likes, dislikes, habits etc.

4. PRIORITY: I do agree priorities change and should change when you come to a long term commitment but it should happen by choice and not by compulsion.

5. CARE: I have seen sometimes wives get into the role of a nannies and husbands getting into the role of bodyguards whereas at places there is complete ignorance or negligence.

6. PHASES OF RELATIONSHIPS: Many people at times, including myself complain you are not the person I fell for or you have changed. But isnt it the rule of nature we have seen the phases of moon, phases of life. We are more caring towards a very young and little baby but as it grows up; it turns up to be more mature, independent being. Similarly a very loving and caring wife or husband in initial days turns to be vamp latter why….but please understand its not that his or her love is dried up rather its become quite mature.

There is so much to add to this but I feel we all have faced these issues and complications in relationships including myself….please don’t misunderstand me in the guise of relationship counselor. We all have enjoyed this seesaw of relationship where it sways between ups n downs of life. There are times we draw weird conclusions like he/she is not my Mr.or Mrs Right, I quit, at the worse times there are cases where such phases trolls ones life. But as my mom used to always tell me that every relationship needs it own time, its the time spent with each other through these ups n downs then we do earn a sweet, ripe and juicy relationship. Hence being patient towards each others needs and Respect each others feelings is what I feel can sustain these early and young relationships. Please let me know your experiences and thoughts with respect to my observations.

A Letter from a daughter to her Dad !


Hi Dad,

Today when I reached home holding the trophy for the “Employee of the Quarter” with an expectation of elated reactions it was just a nominal handshake and sophisticated applause to which then I realized why am I just satisfied or blunt with this token of achievement. I recall each and every moment of your hilarious reactions on just any insignificant conquest of my life be it academic, recreational or the funniest of all when I planted a tiny tomato sapling. The shine in your eyes, the instigation in you tap, mitigation in you hug is all so missing now. I memorialize all those mornings when you got us ready for our schools with an eye on every minute detail of our academic life be it our PTA meetings, annual functions, sports day, academic open houses just everything. You have always proven to be supportive and understanding life partner to Mom as well the synchronization of which has made me believe in the institute called marriage and that too a love marriage where situations taken you on a troll untimely.

We(my lil sister and me) just enunciated our wish list to you but as though you possessed the magic wand; we had all of them come true in quite a while. Just like an augur; you made my wishes/dreams come true. At times you just reluctantly pushed us for the stuff we were not ready to go for be it extra curricular activities or higher studies; you always taught us cross our comfort zones to sustain this highly competitive world and at the same time you stood like the great wall of china surpassing all the worldly hurdles. You dreamt of being acknowledged by our names; but we are utterly proud to be recognized as your daughters. I still remember the day the you lifted me (quite a fatso) on your shoulders and showered enormous felicitations on the day of my SSC for getting a distinction; there was such a twinkle in your eyes which I had never seen before.You always had faith in my choices be it academic, professional or personal; though there were times you were apprehensive about the consequences of those choices which landed me into glitches; it was only your support which sailed me through those as well. You have always been such a sporting, cool and a fun loving dad ever; I always wish every daughter in this world is blessed with a father like you.

Finally in all these 27 years I do believe there must have been many occurrences where I have failed your expectations as a daughter and today I genuinely apologize for the same. I hope we both sisters could nurture all those values and true life principles you have sown within us. My childhood has been the most idealistic phase of my life which I realize today when my achievements are felicitated but not with that jumpy attitude you portrayed the day I stood on my toddler feet.Dad you have always been the notable dignitary of my life and will always been one. Just be with me and guide the way you have done all the way long.

Also please do not get emotional on reading this; though it happens whenever its about us. Love you so much dad.

-An eternal part of your life.Your daughter.