Lets go shopping PUNE

Lets go shopping PUNE

Valentine day is round the corner, one of the favourite pass time or workout for us ladies is Shopping. Its not necessary we always buy stuff , just surfing through the market has it own charm. Inspite of the fancy online deals and ecommerce sprees , street shopping has its own importance and craze. 

Now, I shifted to Pune about two years back. Pune has its own rich culture and heritage. One of the smart cities among the Indian silicon valley, well known for its educational institutes and universities and proud about the birth of THE GREAT CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ in this very city of Brave countrymen. Also Pune is world famous for its ‘Puneri Patya’ (writings or notice for public information with sarcastic tone)and ‘Traditional Peth’ which belonged to the domicile Brahmans.

Now coming to the shopping mode, Pune also has this crazy shopping lanes which call street shopping specialized for traditional, branded, Indo western, western all versatile shopping trends then you could go made over the budget and diverse footwear range, handicraft, furniture, antiques, metals and what not.

So let me share with you some of the hot destinations in Pune (beware of pickpocketers through the crowd specially on weekends):

  1. Laxmi Road: Ranging from Alka Talkies to the Cantonment area. Beware this area of Old Pune is quiet confusing with the interconnected narrow lanes of Sadashiv peth, Ravivar peth, Mangalvar peth n much more. Surrounded by Shanivaar wada and world famous shrine of ‘Shreemant Dagdusheth Ganapati’. Laxmi road is famous for its traditional apparels, traditional footwear, traditional decor handicraft items, branded jewellers and also ‘Puneri Bana’ (puneri attitude, so do not carry yours…just kidding). 
  2. Tulsibaug: All you can find here traditional and beautiful copper, brass and bronze articles. You would also find a range of female products from apparels, imitation jewellery, daily care products, household items and much more.
  3. Bajirao Road: This lane would cater your needs of all the wood work or furniture. It stretches from Shanivaar Wada to the Puram Road. For those who like to design their own furniture, do so and get one of these shops here to execute for you. 
  4. Juna Bazaar(Mangalwar Peth): Here the name itself indicates ‘Old Market of Pune’. From hardware tools to fancy yet delicate pieces of jewellery; from clothes to shoes and cosmetics, get them here. If you are into collecting old coins, this might just be the right place for you to go shopping and enhance that collection.This market is operational every Wednesday and Sunday on the road leading to Vir Santaji Ghorpade Path.
  5. Phule Market(Shukrawar Peth):an open air market comprising of more than 500 stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetable produce? With so much competition, prices are low and customers have a great variety to choose from here. This market has been in existence since the British era in India and locals maximize on the opportunity and stock up their kitchens with the produce on sale here. Exciting sight of colourful fruits and fresh vegetables all around you. This happens to be a chef’s heaven and a homemakers delight. 
  6. Hongkong Lane: Near Garware Bridge in Pune, one will find the famous and ever crowded.Going by the name itself, one can guess what lies in store here. The place is lined with little shops and stores that sell items that have been imported from the South Asian countries bordering India.
  7. Fashion Street:No fashion trend is left out with these stalls catering to all your needs – be it the grunge or gothic look, that 70’s madness or even the latest trends that have taken the fashion world by storm. From belt bottoms to drain pipe jeans, low waist to tank tops, hats and caps to shades and belts, this market has it all. This place will literally bring out the fashionista in you.
  8. FC Road or GOKHALE road: Amidst the young crowd of law colleges, institutes is this shopping street offering budget as well as designets options of apparels, footwear, foodjpints etc. Branded clothing options would be Biba, FabIndia, Van heusen etc. Tired with all the shopping you have delicious food joints such as Vaishali, venkys, Wadeshwar, Starbucks, GoodLuck Cafe etc.

Huffff! I am finally tired loitering around so many places. If you are a shopping freak like me, do get your bf, husband alongwith you to carry your shopping bags…..just kidding. So whats your plan for the weekend? This can be your stress buster and a multipurpose workout. Punekars please add to this list some amazing places you have explored. Till then bye….am off to my shopping spree this weekend….(God bless my husband….lol)

    Masala-e-Bharat(Spices of Indian food)

    Masala-e-Bharat(Spices of Indian food)

    Hello friends! Special love to all my indian foodie friends. It doesn’t make sense of me to sing about the glory of the world famous Indian foods. What makes me write this blog is I personally am a versatile foodie along with my husband and we have guests always craving for our Indian food. So once a friend of mine who had recently been to an Indian food festival came back to me with her yummy tummy memories and asked me, “What makes an indian food- THE INDIAN FOOD ?”. I smiled and replied back

    1.  Immense love for our food and the gesture of serving our dear guests.
    2. Our great Indian spices.
    3. Finally dollops of ghee to it.

    If you look at our Indian kitchens no matter which region you belong to our spices follow a rich history of ‘Masala-e-Bharat’. Now these spices are not added to our foods to make it fiery hot but to enrich its flavour and satisfy our palate. These spices have tremendous medicinal qualities too(Thanks to our Ayurveda) also Ghee symbolises ‘Maa ka pyar’ here in India but it again adds flavour along with balancing your health. So here are some common SPICY n AROMATIC members our Indian kitchen.

    1. Cumin – Jeera for those last minute flavoury tadkas.
    2. Mustard – Rai or Sarson you call it for those hot flavours. Available in the form of oil.
    3. Asafoetida – Hing as it commonly known used for adding flavour to dals n curries.
    4. Cloves – Laung is the common term, available in the form oil has number medical properties.
    5. Bay leaf – Tej pata has a very peculiar aroma used with pulav, biryanis and some Indian gravies.
    6. Cinnamon – Dalchini has a sweetish taste but an important member of the garam masala family.
    7. Cardamom – Green and black Elaichi great when added to tea or any of the Indian sweets.
    8. Black pepper – Kali mirch does not need an introduction used over a wide range of dishes right from salad dressing, garnishing to dry roasting and adding them to our very dear gravy dishes.
    9. Coriander seeds – Dhania seeds used as mouth freshener post meals. Add a pinch of it to your regular meals and get ready for the super compliments.
    10. Rock salt or black salt – Kala namak or Sendhav namak great to add to salads, Chaats etc.
    11. Nutmeg – Jayphal is the Indian name of the Indian warm hero used in many Indian sweets.
    12. Saffron – Kesar the royal member of our family.Since the original kesar is very expensive and adds a royal red color to your dishes with a peculiar fragrance.
    13. Fenugreek – Methi some what musky and to used with utmost caution. Methi dana is used for different curries and dried form Kasoori methi for dals and any othet Indian dish.

    So we Indian have spices right from our bed tea to end our day with Mukhwaas(mouth freshner) or Masala chaas ( Spiced Buttermilk). Many of us debate upon the usage of spices in the Indian recipes but anything thats balanced results well. But a word of caution to all my newbie kitchners I have modified a proverb for you 

    ” Too many SPICES spoil the broth.”

    ( had happened to me in my early kitchen journey ).

    Mumbai: soul of every mumbaikar

    Mumbai: soul of every mumbaikar

    You come here to make your career and end up making your LIFE 🙂

    Been born n brought up in Mumbai there are so many colors of this dynamic city only a core Mumbaikar can relate to. We all have heard that this city does not sleep….or this city is happily insomniac. Today when I have moved out of my city ; I really miss its food culture, humanity, pace, versatile and unpredictable seasons, transport, way of living and the most beautiful beachline. I believe only a person who has lived MUMBAI can live in Mumbai.

    Let me share some of the hues of these Mumbaiyya shades:

    1. Local trains: The oxygen of all the mumbaikars unbaised. Where you come from or whatever you do or whatever you wear do not expect a differential treatment. 

    2. Wadapav: The local mumbaiyya Burger has given a tough to macdonalds, kfc or any star meal. The dearest of my life….a true mumbaikar is the one who gets really emotional having this delicious appetizer. Irrespective of your class, creed, religion or age group I have never ever seen a mumbaikar resisting this cheap yet yummy meal.(Add a cutting chai to it)

    3. Streetshopping: From clothing to households,from books to crooks ; you name it and you shall find it at very reasonable deal. Colaba, Bandra, Churchgate, CST, Grantroad, Marinelines, Dadar are some of the places to loiter around for clothes, cosmetics, edibles, electronics, footwears, books.

    4. Streetfood: Every lane in Mumbai has its own speciality or should I say genres. Right from the Mohmmad Ali road famous for its non vegeterian mughlai dishes; offers you an irresistible feast during the Ramzan days to Panshikars famous for its maharashtrian food menu, the numerous Khau gallis at Ghatkopar, Charni Road, Fort etc.

    5. Festivals: I would not be wrong if I say Ganeshostav is the national festival of Mumbai( Coz i think Mumbai is a nation in itself). Its always so grand, larger than life portrayed during those 10 days. Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Bandra fair, Ramzan, Navratri each n every festival is celebrated with immense vibrancy n excitement. 

    6. Monsoons: This is one of the most vital season of my home town. Mumbai undergoes revitalization in these monsoons. I remember not even a single monsoon has passed by where I have not witnessed a sudden holiday due to those unpredictable weather conditions. People say Mumbai halts in monsoon, Mumbai is drowned in the showers but I feel its exactly opposite Mumbai never stops or drowns its a phase of regeneration to boost its spirits for the next entire year. Once in your life do enjoy a monsoon evening at marine drive, nariman point experience those showers splashing through rocks at the shore line and i guarantee you the nourishment added to your parched life.

    7.Beaches: Close to my heart are these beaches. So many good and bad memories of my life are related to these sea boards. Mumbai is gifted with these rich culture of beaches from Churchgate to Virar n further down to coastal region of Maharashtra. The coastal region is rich by the Portuguese and East Indian cultures from ages. (With lip smacking sea food) This again offers livelihood to all the outsiders n insiders of Mumbai.

    8. Universities: People fly down to Mumbai with different goals in life with an aim to earn, study, treat. But Mumbai is so well reputed for its universities and colleges that you passout from Mumbai; and this would add an extra feather to your hat.But i feel Mumbai in itself is a very rich university who teaches its visitor way of learning, adapting, keeping up the pace, earning and most importantly ‘Respecting each ones space’.

    Today when I compare my city to the others I feel there is no one who can even near Mumbai in any of the aspects. There are so many other shades of Mumbai which I can relate to but these are some of the closer ones to my heart. I am so proud of being born here, studied here, grew here also been finding the love of my life here. Mumbai where ever I go whatever I do; I would always be your daughter and you would be my mother Mumbai( Mum- has the word mum into it).

    So friends let me know some of your acquaintances with my Mumbai.

    Amchi Mumbai Jivachi Mumbai

    Seesaw up n down: bipolar relationships

    Seesaw up n down: bipolar relationships

    Ok after a very long time I have decided to share my thoughts on a very casual but sensitive observation about the tieups between couples be it married , unmarried. But before I begin I know many of my readers, family, friends and especially critics amongst those before you troll me over my opinions and writings: I thankyou all for reading it though and respect the fact that each one of us can have an opinion and right to express, so do I. 

    Now getting back to the topic; recently when some of my committed and newly married friends approached me with their issues in relationships I drew some common observations:

    1. Initially when you get into a role of a bf or gf or may be husband and wife it becomes increasingly difficult to understand each others expectations. We think we are the PERFECTIONISTs and the other team member is an extremely difficult defaulter student.

    2. Please understand no one can ever SATISFY everyone at the same point of time.

    3.SENSE OF CONTROL: much early we try to gain control over each others lives, likes, dislikes, habits etc.

    4. PRIORITY: I do agree priorities change and should change when you come to a long term commitment but it should happen by choice and not by compulsion.

    5. CARE: I have seen sometimes wives get into the role of a nannies and husbands getting into the role of bodyguards whereas at places there is complete ignorance or negligence.

    6. PHASES OF RELATIONSHIPS: Many people at times, including myself complain you are not the person I fell for or you have changed. But isnt it the rule of nature we have seen the phases of moon, phases of life. We are more caring towards a very young and little baby but as it grows up; it turns up to be more mature, independent being. Similarly a very loving and caring wife or husband in initial days turns to be vamp latter why….but please understand its not that his or her love is dried up rather its become quite mature.

    There is so much to add to this but I feel we all have faced these issues and complications in relationships including myself….please don’t misunderstand me in the guise of relationship counselor. We all have enjoyed this seesaw of relationship where it sways between ups n downs of life. There are times we draw weird conclusions like he/she is not my Mr.or Mrs Right, I quit, at the worse times there are cases where such phases trolls ones life. But as my mom used to always tell me that every relationship needs it own time, its the time spent with each other through these ups n downs then we do earn a sweet, ripe and juicy relationship. Hence being patient towards each others needs and Respect each others feelings is what I feel can sustain these early and young relationships. Please let me know your experiences and thoughts with respect to my observations.

    UPI-Next Watsapp of Payments/NPCI

    UPI-Next Watsapp of Payments/NPCI

    There were times when financial transaction were done standing in long queues at the banks. Then came internet banking and online transfers(NEFT/RTGS) where we add a beneficiary(using its account number and IFSC details); wait for beneficiary to be activated for couple of hours and then chuck your balance from your account to the beneficiary account. But then came security issues with sharing account details, card details which led to the invention one more payment solution Virtual wallets/E-wallets(Paytm,zappy,ola money,ICICI pockets etc) wherein the posed security threat is taken care of by just adding a top up to virtual wallet from your account; hence the virtual wallet is used for transactions. But lately NPCI has launched one more successful mode of payment which is all the more powerful: UPI(Unified Payment Interface) or Enhanced IMPS

    Background of UPI:

    1. You would just need a virtual address linked to your bank accounts or your could generate using any of the unique IDs like your Adhaar or mobile number.
    2. A M-Pin : for 2FA  mandate by RBI.

    How does it work:

    1. A virtual address(VA) is generated by your bank eg: abc@icici.
    2. So you could just share your VA with the merchants.(Once they accept payment from UPI).
    3. Hence the payments would be directly debited/credited from your accounts.
    4. These transactions would be displayed as IMPS transactions in your bank statements.
    5. So now to transact you would need a smartphone with an UPI app.(At the end I would share some of the examples.)
    6. This would be a P2P & P2M transaction which would be authenticated using mPIN that might be provided once you apply for mobile banking support.


    1. No need of remembering account details, pins, card details.
    2. For merchants its not T+3 settlement time.
    3. No more waiting for OTPs.
    4. Adhaar/mobile number integration for unique VA.


    1. Refunds are not a part of UPI currently.
    2. UPI currently has a capping limit of 1 Lac.
    3. Wallets are not included into UPI.

    Currently there are 21 banks supporting these facilities with their corresponding Android app:Andhra Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Bhartiya Mahila Bank, Canara Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, DCB Bank, Federal Bank, ICICI Bank, TJSB Sahakari Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Karnataka Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, South Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank and YES Bank.

    Platforms using UPI:

    1. Razorpay: First payment gateway to integrate UPI.
    2. PSP like CitrusPay too are joining hands to enable their customers with the revolutionary payment mode.
    3. Instamojo
    4. PayU
    5. Finmo

    Some featuring apps using UPI:Axis Pay,Trupay and many more.

    At the end I feel we should all thank Mr. Raghuram Rajan for such a revolutionary farewell  gift launched before he could bid us goodbye. So its going to be tough time for private wallet players to sustain the tornado originated from NPCI with support from DIGITAL INDIA…fasten your belts or should I say fasten your wallets before they are blown away.



    A Letter from a daughter to her Dad !

    Hi Dad,

    Today when I reached home holding the trophy for the “Employee of the Quarter” with an expectation of elated reactions it was just a nominal handshake and sophisticated applause to which then I realized why am I just satisfied or blunt with this token of achievement. I recall each and every moment of your hilarious reactions on just any insignificant conquest of my life be it academic, recreational or the funniest of all when I planted a tiny tomato sapling. The shine in your eyes, the instigation in you tap, mitigation in you hug is all so missing now. I memorialize all those mornings when you got us ready for our schools with an eye on every minute detail of our academic life be it our PTA meetings, annual functions, sports day, academic open houses just everything. You have always proven to be supportive and understanding life partner to Mom as well the synchronization of which has made me believe in the institute called marriage and that too a love marriage where situations taken you on a troll untimely.

    We(my lil sister and me) just enunciated our wish list to you but as though you possessed the magic wand; we had all of them come true in quite a while. Just like an augur; you made my wishes/dreams come true. At times you just reluctantly pushed us for the stuff we were not ready to go for be it extra curricular activities or higher studies; you always taught us cross our comfort zones to sustain this highly competitive world and at the same time you stood like the great wall of china surpassing all the worldly hurdles. You dreamt of being acknowledged by our names; but we are utterly proud to be recognized as your daughters. I still remember the day the you lifted me (quite a fatso) on your shoulders and showered enormous felicitations on the day of my SSC for getting a distinction; there was such a twinkle in your eyes which I had never seen before.You always had faith in my choices be it academic, professional or personal; though there were times you were apprehensive about the consequences of those choices which landed me into glitches; it was only your support which sailed me through those as well. You have always been such a sporting, cool and a fun loving dad ever; I always wish every daughter in this world is blessed with a father like you.

    Finally in all these 27 years I do believe there must have been many occurrences where I have failed your expectations as a daughter and today I genuinely apologize for the same. I hope we both sisters could nurture all those values and true life principles you have sown within us. My childhood has been the most idealistic phase of my life which I realize today when my achievements are felicitated but not with that jumpy attitude you portrayed the day I stood on my toddler feet.Dad you have always been the notable dignitary of my life and will always been one. Just be with me and guide the way you have done all the way long.

    Also please do not get emotional on reading this; though it happens whenever its about us. Love you so much dad.

    -An eternal part of your life.Your daughter.

    Exemplar Leader: Mrs.Sushma Swaraj

    Exemplar Leader: Mrs.Sushma Swaraj

    Hello Mrs.Swaraj,

    With due respect to you entire protracted career I have been following your actions and updates for some time, I decided to convey my thoughts. As a married young female when I am struggling to strive a near perfect balance between my career and family; it gives me immense pleasure to watch you balance versatile roles like a perfect wife, an active twitterati, a profound orator, sympathetic towards the needy  and a true example of feminine power. When we witness you are highly approachable by the common man through the digital medium ; which is rightly proven at many instances be it passport issues; rescuing the Indians stuck in different countries and much more; it sets an example of noteworthy leader.

    Today we as female youth look forward to follow your footsteps Ma’am. You have artistically carved an exponential career graph bestowing commensurate justice to all the roles played till date. We also wish to inculcate equivalent leadership skills in our respective journeys.

    Keeping in mind your immensely busy schedule; I wish someday you read this out and share with us some secrets to nurture such expertise to some extent.

    My good wishes Ma’am and hope to read your experiences as a book/personal narrative autobiography soon(apologies for that request); since I have learnt that you possess colossal interests into literature and poetry.

    Your fan.