Watching the rhythm of waves and feeling the warmth of cool breeze they stood at the shoreline of Bandstand. Cloudy monsoon evening it was. Fresh smell of the nature, chirping of birds, aroma and crackling sound of the corn being roasted…. adding to its beauty an old song played on the radio “Jab koi baat bigad jaaye…..tum dena sath mera oo humnava”. Meera turned towards Siddharth with her teary eyes. He too responded back by holding her hand the same way he held it seven years back. So much had passed by in these years…but his touch, his presence or may be only his existence has meant so much for her. Seven years of marriage bought with them diverse experiences good or bad. But one thing that was eternal amongst them was their existence just for each other. It turned dark, he turned towards her and said, “Why don’t you sing aloud….its been years I have just heard you humming into the kitchen, bathroom or just when you seem to be alone?”. She smiled at him with surprise, unaware that he noticed her humming too. She reluctantly said, “Are you gone nuts…gone are the days when I could sing … and here in public noways.” Her naughty smile and the beauty of simplicity in that dim light just made him happy as a man…a woman in her natural ways looks beautiful than any of the beauty pageants he thought. He requested her once again with an unresisting tone….please! She agreed and sang for him the same song she had sung for him at the same place and same time before their wedding around ten years back….

Saathiya yeh tune kya kiya, Beliya yeh tune kya….maine kiya tera intezaar itna karo na mujhe pyar

He was moved hear her sing with same emotions or may be deeper. She ended her song and he questioned her, ” What’s your wish to God ever?”  

To which she replied with an optimistic tone, we have parents but they have their own lives and children will have theirs, but you are the one who added potential and meaning to my existence as a person inspite of being with everyone I long for you, crave you. So I just ask my God to couple my existence to yours. I live just to be with you…… 


Hi Dad,

Today when I reached home holding the trophy for the “Employee of the Quarter” with an expectation of elated reactions it was just a nominal handshake and sophisticated applause to which then I realized why am I just satisfied or blunt with this token of achievement. I recall each and every moment of your hilarious reactions on just any insignificant conquest of my life be it academic, recreational or the funniest of all when I planted a tiny tomato sapling. The shine in your eyes, the instigation in you tap, mitigation in you hug is all so missing now. I memorialize all those mornings when you got us ready for our schools with an eye on every minute detail of our academic life be it our PTA meetings, annual functions, sports day, academic open houses just everything. You have always proven to be supportive and understanding life partner to Mom as well the synchronization of which has made me believe in the institute called marriage and that too a love marriage where situations taken you on a troll untimely.

We(my lil sister and me) just enunciated our wish list to you but as though you possessed the magic wand; we had all of them come true in quite a while. Just like an augur; you made my wishes/dreams come true. At times you just reluctantly pushed us for the stuff we were not ready to go for be it extra curricular activities or higher studies; you always taught us cross our comfort zones to sustain this highly competitive world and at the same time you stood like the great wall of china surpassing all the worldly hurdles. You dreamt of being acknowledged by our names; but we are utterly proud to be recognized as your daughters. I still remember the day the you lifted me (quite a fatso) on your shoulders and showered enormous felicitations on the day of my SSC for getting a distinction; there was such a twinkle in your eyes which I had never seen before.You always had faith in my choices be it academic, professional or personal; though there were times you were apprehensive about the consequences of those choices which landed me into glitches; it was only your support which sailed me through those as well. You have always been such a sporting, cool and a fun loving dad ever; I always wish every daughter in this world is blessed with a father like you.

Finally in all these 27 years I do believe there must have been many occurrences where I have failed your expectations as a daughter and today I genuinely apologize for the same. I hope we both sisters could nurture all those values and true life principles you have sown within us. My childhood has been the most idealistic phase of my life which I realize today when my achievements are felicitated but not with that jumpy attitude you portrayed the day I stood on my toddler feet.Dad you have always been the notable dignitary of my life and will always been one. Just be with me and guide the way you have done all the way long.

Also please do not get emotional on reading this; though it happens whenever its about us. Love you so much dad.

-An eternal part of your life.Your daughter.

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